Benny Hinn: The Celebrated Evangelist

Pastor Benny Hinn is a noted evangelist, author, broadcaster, religious teacher and preacher with more than 30 years of experience. As an author, he is known for his works such as: Lamb of God, Good Morning, Prayer That Gets Results and Holy Spirit. His TV show, "This Is Your Day," is known to be one of the most watched religious TV shows in the Christian world.

Pastor Hinn's only vision is to educate people about the words of God. Words that are reveled in the Revelation Book are everything to him. He believes, and preaches, that anyone who tries to read through the Word will be able to feel the light of God. The celebrated evangelist has been trying throughout his life to preach the words he believes. All the sources of media - print, internet, and broadcast - use his audio and video recordings to spread the message of God.

The noted preacher has helped many people realize their real relationship with God. With his uncompromising message of love and God, he has inspired hundreds of millions of people to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. He has been involved in many philanthropic activities, too, throughout his long career that illustrate his interest in the common good. His ministry provides shelter, food, education and clothing to the distressed people around the globe.
He is engaged in crisis relief and supports numerous children's homes and food programs, stretching his helping hand far and wide to places like India, Mexico, and the Philippines.

Benny Hinn truly believes in the healing power of God. He believes in the message of God's saving power, and his ability to heal people facing hardship. He believes the message of Jesus Christ is the ultimate message on Earth and any human being can lead themselves to salvation, if they only read through the Holy Bible and try to follow those revelations in life.

Throughout his decorated career, evangelist and Pastor Benny Hinn remains committed to the gospel of Christ. His only vision is to help the common people towards the way of salvation. For more information about Benny Hinn and his preaching you can log on to



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Benny Hinn
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