Pastor Benny Hinn and His Concept of Streams of Truth

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Many people of the world do not pray to God unless they or a loved one is suffering. Yet, many a people attempt to comprehend God in their own way without intimately knowing the God of the Bible. Their minds may be filled with the superior knowledge, yet they can’t feel the God close to them because they do not understand his words. It is Benny Hinn, the preacher and the evangelist, who tries his best to communicate the word of God to people.

Pastor Benny Hinn helps people to understand how God revealed himself to mankind through his words; how the Bible’s words provide answers that we seek in all the challenges of life; how the Word brings God’s presence and love to the earth. Benny Hinn shows the way to God through the only way to truly understand him: His word.

Pastor Benny Hinn is the well-wisher of mankind and manages all of the many to reach people of the world. He uses the media, television broadcasts, printed pages, Internet, Training for Ministry Conferences, Spirit Miracle Crusades, audio and video recordings to preach the words he believes to the maximum number of people.

Pastor Benny Hinn emphasizes the importance of the anointing process. He believes in the deeper dimension of anointing and preaches that all the Christians should commit themselves to know and understand the words of the Bible fully. He preaches that knowledge and wisdom can come only from the diligent and long-term study of God’s Word.

Benny Hinn worked for more than 30 years as statesman, author, broadcaster, bridge builder, and evangelist. Pastor Benny Hinn remains committed to preaching the Words of God and the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ. For more info visit



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